Lone Worker

Our check call handling system allows lone or vulnerable workers to schedule a series of check calls, so that employers can be confident of their staffs’ safety.

Check call system

Check calls are user-defined, meaning they can be scheduled at specific times and patterns to suit the worker.  The calls can be set up from a desktop client via a webpage, or through an interactive landline or mobile phone menu.  The icomply Lone Worker system allows flexibility with scheduling, as check calls can be set weeks in advance, or whilst the lone worker is travelling to a site.

An additional layer of cover for vulnerable workers is our unique ‘dial-out’ system, where calls can be scheduled to their phone instead of making the calls.  This is beneficial if the worker believes that making a call themselves could cause potential danger.  The ‘dial-out’ system also reduces the number of missed calls and false alarm activations, making the system both time and cost efficient.

The lone worker can leave detailed instructions for an escalation procedure if the check call is missed.  They have an option to make an ‘amber check call’ upon arrival at a destination before entering the premises.  In the control room, the operator is left available to continue with normal tasks and will only be involved if a check call is missed.

Escalation process

If a check call is missed, an alarm will be triggered into the central GUI.  The operator has access to the escalation details and can check the lone worker’s last known position using mapping components such as GIS or even Google Maps.  If the lone worker is carrying a device that incorporates GPS, the last known position can be determined via satellite when a panic alert is activated.  Operators can also refer to the ‘amber check call’ recording left by the worker on arrival.  Employers can ensure they meet their duty of care by using this effective and user-friendly Lone Worker system.

icomply offers integration with commonly used devices including smartphones, GeoSkeeper, MAMBO, Teltonika and Identicom.

 Download the V-TAS Pro: Lone Worker for more information on PDA devices we integrate with.


 Download the V-TAS Pro: Check Call for more information on the check call management system.