A Retail and Leisure Case Study

Applications used

The success of the solution prompted ITV to upgrade 8 other television studios using icomply, in addition to the initial London project.

Automated technologies have enabled ITV to reassign manual labour resources.

Security coverage is provided to a 2.5 acre site from one integrated control room.

Should ITV’s security requirements change, icomply’s open platform integration software allows for new applications to be seamlessly ‘added on’.

Use of GPS-ready devices has heightened coordination between control rooms and patrol personnel.

A number of icomply applications were installed into the Council’s control room to enable it to provide a broad range of surveillance and monitoring services.


What was the brief for ITV?

At a site used by popular culture icons and producers to create television programmes that are watched by millions, security is of the upmost importance.

Hence why ITV, which produces 40,000 hours of television a year and is regularly watched by one in five television viewers, required a bespoke surveillance solution to secure its London television studio.

The broadcaster’s surveillance capacity had not kept up with the times. It was time for an upgrade. In 2014, icomply won a contract to upgrade ITV London’s central control room.

How was the solution reached?

Securing a large site in accordance with clear objectives.

The scale of the surveillance solution which ITV requested was substantial. The 22 storey, 2.5 acre building in the centre of London requires comprehensive coverage. There were four key objectives of the upgrade:

  • The environment ITV wanted to create in its London studio needed to be welcoming to the public, actors and media personnel, but sufficiently protected against security breaches.
  • Measures need to be taken to keep ITV’s carbon footprint to a minimum, for instance by using energy-efficient technologies.
  • Captured and retained imagery needed to be encoded so to prevent illegitimate access to it by third-parties.
  • Connectivity between ITV’s London studio and those in Cardiff, Norwich and Manchester needed to be securely established.


Project success.

How did icomply’s solution fair against ITV’s expectations? Following the upgrade, icomply was awarded a further contract to provide the same solution to ITV’s Manchester-based studio, indicating the success of the instillation.

ITV London’s Security Manager, Neil Sloan, who project managed the installation for ITV, expressed his satisfaction with icomply’s solution: “icomply won the project in open tender and distinguished themselves with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The icomply team realised immediately that I like open relationships, open systems and circular, rather than linear, thinking. Their engineers proved able to communicate complex technical matters in everyday language to various stakeholders.

icomply also made optimum use of our budget. “While RAID is no longer the restriction it has been in recent years, my team appreciates the motion-triggered recording and easy identification of incidents. Many people in our sector will recall the soul-destroying nature of having to scrutinise three hours’ footage of an empty corridor. Motion detection has eliminated this.”

Heightened technological capacity.

The installation has given ITV facility managers and operators immediate control over complex surveillance and alarm response functions. Consequently, ITV’s control room makes informed decisions due to the accessibility of a broad range of data.

Michael Gallagher, Business Development Director at icomply, had this to say about the upgrading of ITV London’s technological capacity: “icomply’s open platform integration software has improved the workflow of ITV London’s control room. We’ve supplied a seamless control interface that enables intuitive incident and alarm mapping, as well as isolation and review of evidential footage.

The open working methods we practiced are reflected in the transparency of networks and stringent but pragmatic access control. This was only possible thanks to the open and transparent culture of ITV plc, which enabled us to deliver a best of breed, future proof solution that has since been replicated at the ITV Studios in Salford.”