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25th April 2011
i-COMPLY enhances Edinburgh Council’s operation, and saves money!
10th May 2011
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V-TAS PRO integrates with range of products by Pelco

i-COMPLY have successfully completed security software integration to add a further hardware supplier to their integration portfolio list.

i-COMPLYs integrated security application platform V-TAS PRO now includes integration to a range of products supplied by Pelco. The completed project includes full integration to the matrix CM9760 .

i-COMPLY is also capable to manage DX8000 and DX8100 series recorders. For operators this means they can seamlessly select and control any camera on their Pelco system.  This enables playback, recording and retrieval of CCTV camera footage. This is achieved by showing footage from the DX8000 and DX8100 series recorders in our replay screen.

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